We are Nico and Marlies Wobben and in February 2008 we moved from the Netherlands to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! Nico is an RN at the General Hospital and I (Marlies) work from home, as an administrator at Canada Life and for my own web design business Feel The Fire. And we have 6 cats!

Wij zijn Nico en Marlies Wobben en in februari 2008 zijn we verhuisd van Nederland naar Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! Nico is verpleegkundige in het General Hospital en ik (Marlies) werk thuis als administrator bij Canada Life en voor mijn eigen web design bedrijf Feel The Fire. En we hebben 6 katten!
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Time To Resign…

Sort of celebrating that I resigned from my job at Empower/ Canada Life today after more than 11 years! Last day will be the 15th. I struggled with the very high productivity goals and the full time hours of this year, leaving me with no energy whatsoever. I love the work itself, my team, my management and the company, so I kept pushing and pushing until I had a meltdown a few weeks ago. I let it sink in and resigned today. Need time for myself (health and creativity) and a backlog of things that didn’t get done. Will explore remote work again, but might also be part-time-job hunting again after a while. Immense gratitude and love for my awesome team mates and their support, special mention for my trainer and supervisor Caitlin Wawia and the best manager in the world Janelle Cavers And then of course there is my Love and my Rock Nico with his unconditional support 🥰🤩

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