We are Nico and Marlies Wobben and in February 2008 we moved from the Netherlands to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! Nico is an RN at the General Hospital and I (Marlies) work from home for my own web design business Feel The Fire. And we have 6 cats!

Wij zijn Nico en Marlies Wobben en in februari 2008 zijn we verhuisd van Nederland naar Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! Nico is verpleegkundige in het General Hospital en ik (Marlies) werk thuis voor mijn eigen web design bedrijf Feel The Fire. En we hebben 6 katten!
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A New Dawn

A new Dawn

Good morning from my temp office in the living room while my home office is still under construction! It’s been a while as my office job kept me busier than I wanted, after 11+ years of being a casual, organizational changes sort of forced me to go full time. Well hey, I had to try, right? I loved the work, but had no energy outside of it and my creative soul was hurting. I left the job in August and have been working on a few exiting things since! I just launched another client website, I am revamping my Feel The Fire biz website. I will also revive this blog to start blogging again and I figured a good way to start is by documenting our upcoming trip to Europe in a few days! Talk soon!

New Fence!

Back yard updates… two elm trees had to be removed and the Northern Tree guys were able to come in with their truck to make the job easier. It was fascinating to watch how quickly they dismantle and remove that humongous beast that hung over roofs and power lines! Then Henk replaced the crooked fence on that side by a quality handmade fence that will resist any storm! Check out his new Instagram!

two elm trees make one humongous beast! northern tree regina northern tree regina cleaned up space! removal of old fence removal of old fence Henk and Greg needed a lot of hours cutting through clay and tree roots! cutting through tree roots finally the building of the fence can start Henk working on the fence new fence, closed of by the garage new fence new fence, closed of in the front caps on the fence posts

Last Day At Work

Last day at Empower! Surreal to quit the job after 11.5 years! Thanks for all the friendship, leadership, support and fun ❤ PADM rocks!! 🤘
Fun last day with Tim Hortons coffee, Timbits, Dutch stroopwafels, lunch with Tyler T and Marga (forgot to take pic), cake and many selfies 😂

Time To Resign…

Sort of celebrating that I resigned from my job at Empower/ Canada Life today after more than 11 years! Last day will be the 15th. I struggled with the very high productivity goals and the full time hours of this year, leaving me with no energy whatsoever. I love the work itself, my team, my management and the company, so I kept pushing and pushing until I had a meltdown a few weeks ago. I let it sink in and resigned today. Need time for myself (health and creativity) and a backlog of things that didn’t get done. Will explore remote work again, but might also be part-time-job hunting again after a while. Immense gratitude and love for my awesome team mates and their support, special mention for my trainer and supervisor Caitlin Wawia and the best manager in the world Janelle Cavers And then of course there is my Love and my Rock Nico with his unconditional support 🥰🤩

Roth Wedding!

Cat and Tim got married! It was a gorgeous day at the Buffalo View Campground with Canada Day fireworks at night 🙂

New Windows And Siding!

Hopefully the last really $$$$ renovation! We learned a few years ago that our old stucco was cracked and crumbling and we had no choice but to tackle it. And that meant we also had to update our windows before we got new siding! Last year we finally started with it all.

Part 1: Our friend Greg imported German (Gealan) windows and doors of solid European quality through EuroWindows Group. Greg and Henk installed them, Henk and his son Edwin finished the walls and window sills on the inside. I painted almost all of the inside in bright, fresh colours, except for two rooms (I ended up with an inflamed shoulder).

the old window coming out Gealan windows, famous brand from Germany I made new shelving with boxes in the bedroom closet new door being unpacked thiiiick door! windows open sideways or tilted windows open sideways or tilted bug screens roll up all windows are in new paint and rearranged couches in living room new paint and rearranged couches in living room new mug wall rack in kitchen sturdy metal front door new paint and art prints wall in bedroom bathroom window with little window sill made by Henk new back door

Part 2: Then Mike Weisgerber from Ultra Remodeling was able to do his magic, depending on the winter weather. Quality work! He just finished with the skirting and last finishes.. so happy with the results!!!

insulation over the old stucco, double whammy :) New siding on the gable as well siding and window boards are on, insulation and plywood for the skirting too the siding for the skirting matches the cedar colour deck The cedar-like colour of the skirting really finishes it!

In The (Dutch) Newspaper!

We were in Saturday’s newspaper… in Dutch though 😉 – here’s the digital file. Little correction, the last pic is in Buffalo Pound provincial park, not Wascana. And yes, Tim Roth was mentioned too, since he’s to blame for everything 😂

Chilly Days!

It can get a bit chilly on the Canadian prairies 😉

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

We want to wish you all a happy holiday season! Here’s our traditional Xmas mail & card:

2018 flew by quite fast for us! We suffered some heavy losses… our friend Ton, cousin Jos and our own kitty Tess. But in June we had our German friends Paddy and Steffi visit us and they even wanted to try camping in our motorhome for two days to see what we are always talking about. Then in August we went to Holland to celebrate dad’s 100th birthday and combined the trip with a week on Crete, Greece. Dad’s reception was busy and such a blast! And it was amazing to be back on Crete after thirteen years!

Right after, we went into renovation mode… got new windows and doors, and painted the walls in the house in light colours, until an inflamed shoulder abruptly stopped Marlies. That’s healing nicely, but two rooms will have to wait a little bit. The company that will do the siding on the outside, will probably be able to do a little bit before it gets too cold, but I don’t think we’ll see the full transformation of the house until spring.

As for work, Marlies will be going full-time in the new year! The organization is really eliminating casual/part-time positions now, but this time she did get the offer to come on board full-time instead. She loves her work and her team, so even though it will mean less freedom for us, she’s embracing the new opportunity 🙂

Merry Xmas and best wishes for 2019!

Nico & Marlies
Gandalf, Rider, Smokey, Sheldon, Penny & Arya =^.^=