We are Nico and Marlies Wobben and in February 2008 we moved from the Netherlands to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! Nico is an RN at the General Hospital and I (Marlies) work from home, as an administrator at Canada Life and for my own web design business Feel The Fire. And we have 7 cats!
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Last Days In Regina

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Lisa and Jaimie took me to the Regina Memorial Gardens to visit the boys. Dave and Danny are buried next to each other, but there isn’t any grass on their plot yet, nor the headstone that they are going to get (with Band Of Brothers on it, their names and pictures). Of course it was a little emotional for me, but not too much – mostly because Lisa and Jaimie visit so often that it’s become a ritual for them and not so much something very sad. Everything about this whole trip hasn’t been as emotional as I was afraid it would be, for the most part it was just really good to see everyone again.

The ‘Metal Wednesday’ night was fun again, even though the turn out was low. We did have fun with the folks that were there (e.g. Luc who I hadn’t seen yet and Sarah) and we all even got a little drunk on the cheap 2$ drafts 😉

Thursday, June 14th

We slept in and in the afternoon Sandy took us downtown to visit Vintage Vinyl (records, t-shirts) and briefly Planet Caravan (tattoos, piercings) where I met Steph’s boyfriend Danny. I still hadn’t seen her nor visited their new home, so he gave me their phone numbers.

We then went to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, someone had told me it was a short tour, so we’d have enough time left in the last hour it would be open. Well people… that was a mistake.

There are three sections (Earth Sciences, First Nations and Life Sciences) with awesome 3D displays, real (stuffed) animals and many other items. So fascinating and so well done!! We pretty much ran through the whole thing and I took lots of pics, but we hardly had time to read all the info boards. Some day we really have to come back and take our time here!!!

Later on we took Cortney, Tim, Geneva and Marlin out to dinner at Tony Roma’s where we had an awesome meal! On our way over there, we saw some very heavy clouds moving in on us, you could see some clouds twirling (luckily tornado’s are not common over there 😉 ) and we saw some lightning. Luckily we were in the restaurant when the rain poured down!

Friday, June 15th

Our last full day here… our plans to have lunch with Sped (Chris) fell through, but with Tim we went to the postal office (to send off the package I had for Astrid as we didn’t go to Saskatoon to visit her after all), the bank and for lunch to Denver’s.

After that I reached Steph and we biked over there for a visit. So finally we saw her new house! She and Danny bought a gorgeous old character home near General Hospital with the porch I would love to have so much, so I named it MY porch 😉 And let’s not forget that it was great seeing Steph again too haha!

For dinner Marlin insisted to take us out on our last night and he took us to Peking House for some great Chinese food. Thanks!! Afterwards he dropped us off at the Legislative Building, where the Relay For Life was. A yearly all-night event to celebrate cancer survivors, remember lost ones and raise money for the Cancer Society. The Band Of Brothers had a team there and we went to check it out. First there was a big group of survivors walking around the flowerbeds in front of the ‘Ledge’ where we ran into Cortney’s aunt Charlotte and then the teams started to walk rounds – actually they will continue to do so until 7am!! Carol saw us and told us where their camp was (there was a campsite on the fields on both sides). We spent some time there with Lisa, Jaimie, Carol, Taysha, Shayla, Emily and a few more people of the team. The members would take turns to walk a few rounds and when it got dark it was time to go lit ‘our’ luminaries (Dave, Danny, their uncle John and grandpa Walter) that were lined up along the paths. What an impressive sight! Around 11pm Ken came to get Carol and the kids and he took us to Tim’s as well. And as I’m staying up very late because I feel like updating the albums and this blog, the team is most likely still walking their rounds around the flower beds.

Tomorrow is our last day.. in the morning we’ll pack, we’ll have lunch with Tim and Cortney and then we’ll head over to the Stephensons for a quick last visit. We have to be at the airport around 4 as we fly out at 5.55pm. So see ya again when we’re back in NL!

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